Great Quality Homes That Anyone Can Afford

Pre-assembled Home Framing Kits Delivered to you and Ready to Construct on Your Foundation



On average a completed 3 bed, 2 bath HonorBuilt home costs 35% less than traditional home buying.



Modern open floor plan for a comfortable, airy sanctuary with high ceilings and a lot of natural light.


Superior Quality

Engineered for extreme weather conditions, heavy snow loads, and category 5 hurricanes.

Our Home Kits

HonorBuilt homes and studios are pre-assembled steel framing kits designed for easy installation on your own concrete foundation. They are architecturally designed and engineered and can be customized to fit your style, budget, and unique specifications.



Easy to install and ideal for adding extra space or functional rooms to an existing homestead

Springfield Gable2


Large 2 & 3 bedroom homes with a spacious living environment that's perfect for entertaining.

Our Packages

Select a package that suits your individual project. We will support you from start to finish to ensure that you get a home you will be proud of

  • framing-only Framing Only
  • Cabinets and Windows Cabinets and Windows
  • Custom Design Custom Design Assistance
Framing Springfield

Framing Only

We will deliver everything required for the construction and assembly of the shell of your home. The shell itself will include exterior walls and structural beams, floors, and roof. The wall panels are fitted with openings for your windows and doors. The panels are quality controlled and manufactured in our facility to ensure on-time delivery. Furthermore, panels are loaded in the order in which they will be set in place on-site, therefore minimizing expediting the installation process.

RTA Cabinets1

Framing + Cabinets and Windows

In addition to wall and roof panels, you will receive cabinets and windows that are already designed to fit the home. Ready to Assemble Cabinets are a great way to get affordable high quality cabinets for the DIY-er.  Once the frame is assembled, the cabinets and windows can be installed easily with instructions that are delivered with the package.


Custom Design Assistance

Our design experts create a fully custom design that matches your vision and style. We work with you from planning to installation to ensure that you get the home of your dreams.

HonorBuilt Framing Kits are Manufactured to the Highest Standard

Steel homes last up to 700-years and will make you proud for generations


All of our products use recycled steel and are 100% recyclable at the end of use

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

You can do it yourself or hire one of our pre-screened contractors

Lower Maintenance

Lower Maintenance

Steel framing resists rot, termites, and moisture

Ships Anywhere

Ships Anywhere

Delivery included to anywhere in the United States



Our kits can be customized to fit your style and design specifications

Weather Proof

Weather Proof

Engineered to withstand hurricanes, fire, and heavy snow loads. Will not rot, mold, or warp

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction

The prefabrication process cuts down the need for on-site waste management

Faster Construction

Faster Construction

A pre-assembled frame means that it takes less time to install and enclose your building

Here's how it Works


Step 1. Choose a Model

Personalize it to meet your style, budget, and local area requirements.


Step 2. Get Financing

With an easy process from our partner Acorn Finance or your preferred financial institution, you can build now and pay later!


Step 3. Pick a Delivery Date

We will get to work immediately to manufacture your home kit and deliver it to your lot


Step 4. DIY or Contractor Installation

Whichever one you choose, you will build a home you can be proud of for generations

Who are we?



We're Experts In this Field and We're Here to Help

HonorBuilt Homes were created with you in mind. We understand what it's like to watch the cost of homeownership skyrocket and wonder if you will ever be able to afford a place for your family.

We are construction veterans who've been in business for 35+ years and are a recognized leader in CFS (Cold Formed Steel) framing technology used in high-rise construction. CFS framing is superior to wood in quality and durability. Pre-fabrication technology allows us to produce ready-for-installation panels that can be shipped to you anywhere in the country.

Our team of experts in architecture, engineering, and steel manufacturing created this framing solution so that the complex and most expensive parts of construction are done for you. You can literally build this home yourself or hire as much help as you need.

We are committed to helping everyone own a great quality home that they love and that they can pass on to the next generation.

The cost of home ownership is out of control. So we're fixing that. Here's what the simple process looks like.

HonorBuilt Kit Homes are Perfect For:


Newlyweds or Starting afresh

Build a starter home on existing family property.


Growing Families

Perfect solution to keep parents and grandparents close. Build in the back yard for postgraduates. .


Empty Nesters

Downsize yourself and rent the main house for extra income


Nature Lovers

Build a home in the woods and live off-grid

You're in Good Company



Plan A - Madison, WI



Plan B - Gainsville, OH



Plan B - Oceanview, CA

Military and First Responders

We are proud to offer a 20% discount for military personnel and first responders. Click below for additional details.

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Need a Contractor?

Entrust your project to a pre-screened and vetted construction professional. Do you want a HonorBuilt Home or Studio but you don't have the time or desire to build it yourself? We can help you identify a builder through our Preferred Contractor Network.


These building professionals recognize our strict standards of service, quality, and value.  We can help assist you throughout the vetting process with our network of trusted professionals.


Note: Our Preferred Contractor Network is a referral system and although we we work closely with these builders, we hold no official affiliation with them.  If you choose to hire one of these Preferred Contractors for your HonorBuilt Homes & Studios, you simply contract with HonorBuilt for your framing kit, and also with the Preferred Contractor for the labor to erect it and any other services you need. 


Delivering your pre-assembled framing kits anywhere in the U.S.

HonorBuilt Homes & Studios are built right here in the Midwest and then shipped directly to your building site. Shipping costs will be calculated during the design process based on your exact location.